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Self-Crashing Cars: Tweaking the Glitches on Transport’s Future

First white-box testing model finds thousands of errors in self-driving cars ...

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How Much Does Your Mind Wander at the Wheel?

Mind wandering is common during driving ...

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Would You Trust a Car to Make an Ethical Decision?

Self-driving cars may soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions as humans do ...

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Right Behind You…oops! More Crashes When Following Friends

Following a friend leads to unsafe driving behavior ...

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In Car Cow Avoidance Systems GO!

Automated cow avoidance for cars on Indian roads...

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Your Safety at Risk: Smartphone Enabled Cars and Mirrorlink

Researchers find vulnerabilities in cars connected to smartphones ...

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Can We Trust Autonomous Cars Yet?

To figure out if autonomous cars are safe, alternative testing methods are needed, RAND report finds....

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Even Sitting Still, Police are Prone to Injury

Police at risk of traffic injuries in stopped cars, as well as when speeding, study finds ...

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Choose Beats or Buzz? Sleepy Driving Strategies

Both caffeine and music keep drivers feeling more awake, caffeine also helps them maintain good driving performance....

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