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Drink up and Have Another. Fags all Round

Dadaists on a visit to the outbuildings of St Julien on 14th April 1921 A number of countries have passed laws which require cigarette manufacturers to show ‘denormalising’ images on their...

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Drunk without Drink

False Drunk: The taste of beer, without any effect from alcohol itself, can trigger dopamine release in the brain - false drunks...

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Off Licences at Risk

Reducing the amount of Off Licences or alcohol outlets effectively reduces the amount of alcohol people drink... or not....

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Tracey get it down ya.

When fruit flies sense parasitic wasps in their environment, they lay their eggs in an alcohol-soaked environment, essentially forcing their larvae to consume booze as a drug to combat the deadly...

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Alcohol Abusers’ Depression Related to Drinking

Experts have long known that heavy drinking can spur temporary episodes of depression—what's known as "substance-induced depression."...

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Higher, Drunker, Faster: Female Students Binge-Drinking

The amount drunk per unit of time is higher among women. In other words, even though male students drink more often, females do so more intensively in shorter periods of time...

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Advice for bag-in-box wine drinkers: Keep it cool

Advice for bag-in-box wine drinkers: Keep it cool. Published in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, it emphasizes the importance of storing these popular, economical vintages at cool...

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Smoking may worsen hangover after heavy drinking

WARNING: People who like to smoke when they drink may be at greater risk of suffering a hangover the next morning. ...

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Glass Half Full?

The speed at which an alcoholic beverage is drunk will influence the level of intoxication experienced, and also the number of drinks consumed in a single drinking session. Therefore, slowing...

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