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Want More Attentive Kids? Get Them to the Green Spaces

Living close to green spaces is associated with better attention in children ...

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Born to Love Heroes? Fairness, Justice, and Children

Japanese research into the roots of justice may contain hints for solving social ills...

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Rice and Redemption : The Learning Farm

I am glad that some of them are now coming back and learn the old skills of the farm. A person should know how to grow their own food....

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Cleantech Crash? Why Government Should Go Green

The government has a definite role to play in the promotion of new green technologies and energy sources, no matter what budget hawks like to think....

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Sex and Women, It’s a Magazine Thing. Or not.

"Our results suggest that the complex and sometimes conflicting representations of female sexuality proliferating in the mass media and popular culture could potentially have both empowering and...

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Malaria! An Academic in Africa

I never did do the conference in the end.  I’ve spent most of the last week, including all of the weekend, feeling rough as hell.  Like having bad flu but without much in the way of a...

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