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A Bought-Out Police State? Plus Ca Change.

The foundations of a Trump-era corporation-enabling police state were laid by Barack Obama

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]H[/dropcap]illaryites cannot wrap their partisanship-shrivelled minds around the fact that they lost the election due to the reality they stood by, in silence and denial, as the elites of the Democratic Party rigged their primary system for a lousy candidate.

A candidate so mistrusted and inept that she accomplished the near impossible, i.e. preventing a certain repulsive, orange-tinged blowhard from defeating himself.Illustration by Dan Booth 7

Moreover, Democratic partisans evince a wilful and belligerent denial about the following: Hillary lost because she ignored — in fact, displayed a cold indifference towards — the plight of the labouring class in key rustbelt states where US elections are won and lost.

In Michigan and Wisconsin, for example, HRC and her insular, overconfident staff were warned by in-state party officials and local polls that she was in danger of losing their states, and that her campaign had better address the concerns of besieged working class voters within their economically ailing districts.

But, Clinton and her inner circle of slick-ass flacks, ruthless operatives, and truckling sycophants were convinced that suburban women, moderate and neocon Republicans, educated urban elites, and minorities would turn the contest in her favour. In short, she was defeated by her class snobbery and concomitant arrogance.

True to form for supercilious liberals, she never even acknowledged the existence of the working class and the White, rural poor (except to insult them).

Then there is also the reality that Trump, or some capitalism-spawned abomination like him, was inevitable. What else could be belched forth from the soul-defying, mass media hologram we mistake for life at capitalist paradigm’s end, other than the fake tan-lacquered blowhard Trump i.e., Our Reality Television Jerk-Rocket-In-Chief?

In the coming months, when President Trump allows or orders police state goon squads to brutalise dissidents… just wait for it… liberals and faux progressives will revert to full umbrage mode. Trump has transformed the nation into a police state, they will bray.

The problem will not be capitalism and the System Of Plunder’s inherent deprivations, state violence and institutional racism. No. The only problem will be Trump, The Orange-Stained Il Duce, The garrulous rouser of Cracker Barrel fascists, Sauron’s Eye Atop Trump Tower.

And yet the brutality and collusion of Standing Rock happened on Obama’s watch.

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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