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Tatts Entertainment – Hanky Panky At The Great British Tattoo Show

An event that includes some truly great international inkers is one benefit of this tattoo convention, offering the chance to be inked by leading artists from across the globe....

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Crusty Hero Makes Bad: Lost in Vagueness

When the wild side is your USP, don't be surprised when all hell breaks loose...

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Loitered Lens: Neon Moon Cabaret Club (Burlesque)

The glitter, the glitz, and the Queen of Hearts. Neon Moon interpret their particular private wonderland. Photos...

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The Blackheart Burlesque where suicidal onesies bump, jump and grind to Die Antwoord.

Suicide Girls : Blackheart Burlesque Live While the majority of the men in the audience quietly beamed, the girls in the audience hooted and hollered....

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Suicide Girls : Interview

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, certainly more than three cookie-cutter formulas, and there is nothing wrong with feeling sexy and confident about your body. - Interview...

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Dressing up Undressing : London Burlesque Festival

The fact that something so nostalgic, so artless and so utterly un-PC could sell out, almost thawed my cold ‘let’s reclaim the female gaze’ heart...

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House of Burlesque: Shipwrecked [Review]

The questions here are, is Burlesque exploitative? Does it reinforce cultural and sexual attitudes that are complicit in sexual harassment or is this just a great medium of feminist expression and a...

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