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Six compilation albums wasn’t enough – Nightwish

Finland's Symphonic Metal pioneers Nightwish dig through the archives to present yet another compilation of their work....

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3 Weeks to Go! Countdown to Bloodstock!

BLOODSTOCK HQ is a-buzz with activity with just over three weeks to go!...

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Bloodstock 2015 Updates and Club Nights tour

Bloodstock 2015 strengthens its lineup with seven more bands, and announces a slew of club nights to warm up the metal glands...

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Bloodstock 2012

Their fist-pumping fusion of brutish guitar and folk-esque synth lines make for a brilliant way to kick off my Bloodstock. They bring a feeling of raw ‘epic-ness’ that, although strived for by...

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Testament to play Bloodstock 2012

Testament announced as special guests at Bloodstock for only UK show of 2012. ...

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