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Cherry Picking Names For The Folk Festival

Reacquaint yourself with folk legend Daoiri Farrell, with an ear pleasing All Star Celtic Session consisting of Michael McGoldrick, Donald Lunny, Niamh Dunne, Sean Og Graham, Donald Shaw and Robbie...

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It’s All in Your Head: Beer, Foam and Sloshing

Analysis reveals capillary effects that dampen sloshing...

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Is it Done Yet? Archaeologists Find 5000 Year-Old Recipe for Beer

Revealing a 5000-year-old beer recipe in China...

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Evolution’s Double Throw : Beer Yeast

The crucial genetic mashup that spawned the yeast that brews the vast majority of beer occurred at least twice -- and both times without human help...

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A world of new beers! Raise a glass to the Finns

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”H/dropcapelsinki. Lakes. Rally drivers. Awkward silences. Prolonged awkward silences. That’s all we knew about Finland. But now...

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