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UK’s Specialist Arts TV Channel Saved From the Chop

Critics say the new strategy means BBC Four will become a home for repeats with less investment in arts programming....

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Anticipating John Hoyland at the Tate

Anticipating John Hoyland at Tate, Natalie Andrews is thinking about the contemporary relevance of slow art. ...

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BBC Director-General and Channel 4 CEO to Be Questioned by Lords

The Committee will question Lord Hall of Birkenhead and Alex Mahon as part of an ongoing inquiry into public service broadcasting in the age of VOD....

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Blackmail, Sexism, Bias: RIP BBC News

It is time for BBC News to die. It is in a dreadful state, like a horse in the Grand National that's about to be shot....

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Just Not the Damned Archers – An Ode to Radio Four

A grown-up relationship that lasts - the erudite but soothing appeal of Radio Four...

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The Radiophonic Workshop. Queen Elizabeth Hall, 2015

Although they're still going strong these are in a way end-of-an-era shows carrying a huge and fascinating weight of history....

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BBC Radiophonic Workshop : Southbank Centre

Rare live shows from the original line up of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop...

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