[Download] Issue 5: Art and Crime


Trebuchet Issue 5: Art and Crime

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Trebuchet Issue 5: Art and Crime

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The Pansy Project
Flowers of violence, blooms of recognition

Creators, owners and ownership of Graffiti
The love and legal advice of Prof. Enrico Bonadio

Metaphor under the eyebrows of the Mullah
Art and public morality in Iran

Criminal Endeavour
Prof. Noah Charney on the business of crime

Street Art: Cash and cache
New flesh for lucrative system

Gals, Girders and Murder
Noir, Bass and the Moss Side fantasies of Barry Adamson.

Master forgers, guile and redemption
Shaun Greenhalgh: bargains and vulnerability in the art underworld

The letter and the Law
Golnaz Fathi: Calligraphy, movement and Art in Iran.

Dangerous artists of calibre
Shooting people as performance art


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