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Fragility and self-therapy make for rough emotional times, but engaging music.

We should all hope for tortured artists with agonizing self-aware introspection, allowing the gruelling insomnia of emotional second-guessing to be borne by those best placed to articulate such torments.

While the rest of us get on with Angry Birds.
A picture of Maple Bee
These Four Worlds is about bringing together all the different parts of your personality and allowing yourself to be yourself. Writing it has helped me come to terms with who I am. Some days I’m the healer and the mother; other days I’m self indulgent, free and utterly without boundaries. I’ve accepted that is who I am. I’ve had some incredible experiences, and now I’m looking forward to the future. What happens next, I’m not sure. But I know music will be involved. It’s everything to me.”Maple Bee

Maple Bee launches her fourth album  These Four Worlds on May 8th at the 12 Bar Club in London. On stage 7.45pm.

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