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Loitered Lens: Grim Dylan [Pics]

Photos of Grim Dylan 2011

Punk/grunge/riot grrrl at its best!

Grim Dylan have only been around 2 short years but already making a name for themselves with a world wide fanbase, self made music videos, radio play, tours and a new album in the works!

This all girl trio really bring something new to the UK music scene, full of energy and attitude these girls not only put on a great show but their debut EP ‘Holy Shit, It’s Grim Dylan’ is also well worth buying.

Hand made merch, free downloads, a reply to every comment – this band are as hands on DIY as you get. It’s refreshing to see a young band so creative and hard working, these ladies have a big future ahead of them.

Grim Dylan headlined the purple turtle on the 16th August on our 1st night of tour with Black nazarene and Her.

Grim Dylan Website.

Images: Carl Byron Batson 2011.


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