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Royal Festival Hall Archive Studio, Level 2, Blue side, Royal Festival Hall London

Brutalism is a familiar site across the UK like it or loathe it has influenced and reflects something of our national character, an exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall examines the subject.

“The term was coined by the British architectural critic Reyner Banham to describe the approach to building particularly associated with the architects Peter and Alison Smithson in the 1950s and 1960s.The term originates from the use, by the pioneer modern architect and painter Le Corbusier, of ‘beton brut’ – raw concrete in French. Banham gave the French word a punning twist to express the general horror with which this concrete architecture was greeted in Britain. Typical examples of brutalism are the Hayward Gallery and National Theatre on London’s South Bank,” Tate Archive

More information about the subject can be seen here, in ‘Brutalism the Romance of Harsh Places’.


A Child’s Guide to Brutalism

Explore this new display on brutalist architecture, for both children and adults.

Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery are both notable examples of brutalist buildings, a type of architecture popular in the 1960s, when the buildings were built.

Londons Hayward gallery

50 years on, this style of architecture continues to excite and divide the public.

Working with a group of school children from Ashmore Primary School in Lambeth (which was also built in 1968), we explored this distinctive style of architecture through the eyes of children.

This new display offers an insight into the history of brutalism and how our 1960s buildings came to be. It also showcases the creative responses made by the children involved in the project.



Dates & times
9 Apr 2018 – 1 Jul 2018
Approximate run time: 780 mins
Run times may vary, find out more
Royal Festival Hall
Archive Studio, Level 2, Blue side, Royal Festival Hall

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