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Brighton’s Great Escape Host ‘DIY’ Music Forum

'You've got to think of yourself as a brand, man. And, like, put download links on your FaceBook page and GO VIRAL!'

Finding a way to make the music industry work for you takes more than hollow platitudes and faux wisdom from the bottom half of TorrentFreak. Sorting the useful data from the hearsay, PR-agency subterfuge and the downright timewasting is as much a full-time job as abything that ever existed in the music industry pre-Napster. What larks!

In addition to their fine bill of musical entertainment (details here), Brighton's Great Escape Festival offers a series of events based around the daunting task of explaining the ins and outs of DIY music careers. Best of luck.




The Great Escape convention to throw a spotlight on ‘DIY’ and how new artists can take control of their own careers

 The Great Escape will this May team up with Arts Council England to put ‘DIY’ in the spotlight, providing a number of sessions specifically aimed at artists, managers and music entrepreneurs early on in their careers, and those musicians looking to self-release their own work.

 Bringing together key innovators from across the independent music community – plus artists, managers and marketers working on self-release campaigns – these sessions will be packed with practical advice, tricks of the trade, and inspiring stories.

 This strand of the convention is being enabled by Arts Council England. Known for the incredible support and insight it gives to young music industry professionals, The Great Escape has been awarded a £38,000 grant from Arts Council England this year. The money will help the festival to deliver local collaborations, education and development programmes, and to promote international diversity and collaboration between artists.

 The ‘DIY In The Spotlight’ programme will include:
• A focus on what artists, managers or entrepreneurs setting up their first music enterprise need to do, logistically, legally and to stay motivated.
• A focus on building profile for new artists, including the role of gigging as a marketing platform, plus social media and when to approach the music press.
• The inside track on what it’s like to set up and run an independent record label, from the founders of four of the UK’s best indie labels.
• A ‘pitch party’ showcasing a plethora of the digital tools available to promote artists, engage fans, distribute content and sell tickets, merchandise and music.

Already confirmed to take part in ‘DIY In The Spotlight’: Alex Fitzpatrick, Holy Roar; Chris TT; David Riley, Good Lizard, Debbie Ball, Create Spark; Josh Little, ACUMEN; Matthew Young, Song By Toad; Ollie Jacob, Memphis Industries; Robert Luis, Tru Thoughts; and Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music.



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