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AXXONN – Let’s Get It Straight

Break me off some! AXXONN releases the happiest electro-doom record ever.

Resplendently retrorama, Let’s Get It Straight mounts cathedral sized melodies with the light touch of heavy industry. Combining electro beats with massive doom-metal chordal progressions AXXONN delivers enough technical hocus-pocus to keep the Aphex Twins fans jiggling in their seats, not to mention the beard strokers happily giggling at the genre based reworkings. If industrial ever needed a Christmas record this is it, it’s just that happy! Hell, it’s a celebration of electronic music which revisits the past artists you know 'n love and refreshes them for a present and future audience.

The album is comprised of three main angles; a reworking of late 90s Outsider Techno, a more contemporary post-metal Sun O))) influenced electro and finally reimagining 80s industrial, complete with Roland on drums. Which isn’t to say Let’s Get… is unoriginal or unworthy of your hard earned spondolicks, as it is simply and brilliantly fun and must be owned by everyone. There is an almost religious fervour to each of the tracks that gives you that huge exalted ‘Yessssss’ of pure peak time experience. What more can you ask for really?

AXXONN’s bio makes much of his love of Pop and it’s entirely foreseeable that lovers of the XX will take this release close their bosoms and when they’re not starving themselves into thrift store velvet will play this to their parents, jabbing a tubby finger at the stereo, proclaiming ‘mummy this is the future, this is who I am’. Lord knows if I was younger and less reserved I’d be doing just that, as it is I’m writing this and trying to convince you to stop listening to everything else for a hour and give this go.

Now that you have the soundtrack, jump up and break inexpensive things.  

(released 14th Feb on Arlen Records)


Let's Get It Straight by AXXONN


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