Author: Sarah

Who’s Filthy Now? Public Image Limited, O2 Indigo

Still furious, Public Image Limited withstand the test of time. Review...

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Steve Harley: HMV Forum [Live]

His songs were moderately touching but not heart stopping. The middle-aged faithful in the all-seated audience appreciated the old songs and were quietly appreciative rather than dancing in the...

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Rival Sons: Electric Ballroom

It’s not too difficult to understand the appeal of Rival Sons. They do classic rock extremely well. Jay Buchanan is without doubt a charismatic lead vocalist who, despite his relatively small...

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Mad Sin: 25 Years ‘Still Mad’

Personally I’d rather see them live or listen to Burn and Rise, but this is an ideal Halloween present for any hardcore fan with a Mad Sin patch sewn onto their sleeveless denim jacket. And it’s...

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The Peacocks: Don’t Ask

Curiously, as they get older The Peacocks seem to mutate into a band that will appeal to a younger audience. The music may not be breaking any musical boundaries, but they retain their youthful anger...

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