Author: Rachel Guthrie

Rachel Eliza Guthrie is a freelance arts writer whose main interest is in the contemporary art scene in London. She writes with the premise that all "people have an inbuilt sense of art, especially the ones who haven't had it taken out of them," which was first said by Quinlan Terry. Her educational backbone is founded in Art History but she has dabbled practically in art as a painter and curator. She's a keen photographer and has a soft spot for Italy and its art, having lived in Venice for a short period.

Painting Now : Tate Britain

“The state of painting now” is a tired topic. The premise – that painting has lost its lure because of new media, which in their very newness enable their users to conquer new territory in the...

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The Young Dürer : Courtauld Gallery

It is through drawing the figure, that the Young Dürer became the highly celebrated Dürer. Review...

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Jan Kempenaers : Breese Little Gallery

Jan Kempenaers presents man-made and natural monuments; formed and found stone....

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Celina Teague : Brave New World Hits a Glitch

Teague applies a moral surface to the artwork, as such, she reveals herself as an activist and her paintings become personal tales of her protests...

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