Author: Olga Tarasova

Olga Tarasova explores the interconnection between spatial and artistic practices and perception in relation to phenomenology. Her work focuses on the capability of spaces to contain elements that are unavailable for human perception and cannot be grasped. These elements manifest themselves in the experiences that affect the subject.

Inside: Intercorporeality of Art and Architecture

We-world arising from the legacy of wealth. A review of Inside, an installation......

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Alternative Possibilities: Céline Condorelli

Celine Condorelli discusses her practice and her first survey exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery....

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Tranquil Voyage

A conversation between space, display and the mind of Celine Condorelli...

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Talbot Rice Gallery announces After Work with Céline Condorelli

On view in Edinburgh through June – October, and exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery....

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The Small Infinite

The gallery as a material is a place-holder and steward of sense, constantly exchanging the outside and the inside....

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