Author: Nick Soulsby

Nick Soulsby is the author of several books on Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Swans.

Underdogs Will Rise, Biography as Music

A Review of James Kennedy "Noise Damage: My Life As a Rock’N’ Roll Underdog" (Lightning Books, 2020)...

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Black Sabbath: There’s No Rock ‘n’ Roll in Reading the Classics

If you missed Black Sabbath in their heyday, there’s no reason to go back to the original songs or doff your cap to their hallowed creators....

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Always-On, All-the-Time: COVID in the World of 24/7 News

Two decades into a fundamentally new media environment, we’re still discovering the impact of the Internet on the information we consume — COVID-19 exposes some of the damage done....

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Tyranny of the Beat Pt. II

Imagine how free and relieved we might feel if, just for a time, we could lose the ticking clock and there was no pulse haunting us?...

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The Tyranny of the Beat Pt. I

Much is made of the speed of musical evolution, the idea that the walls have exploded and we can see through into near-unlimited possibility… It’s a lie....

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