Author: Matthew Devereux

I was born in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1978. I currently live in Woking in Surrey. Without anybody much noticing, I recently unilaterally awarded myself the Nobel prize for literature and also the Turner art prize. On reflection, and in particular by applying the Groucho Marx club principle, I decided that I deserved neither and therefore if I should ever receive both, I would give the former away to 724 women (which would, in gender terms, even up the number of awards given since 1901) and the latter away to 83 women (which would even up the number of nominations since 1984). I am open to suggestions for who those 807 hypothetical women should be.

The Double Helix of Political Life

In “What Mad Pursuit”, Francis Crick declares that he had no memory of walking into the Eagle pub in Cambridge and declaring that as a result of his discovery of the double helix of DNA along...

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Television the Drag on the Nation

Television has struggled enormously to cope with the technological paradigm shift of the internet...

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Bubba Bubble Toil and Trouble

George Soros has created the concept of reflexivity to describe the process of feedback and interaction between perceptions and reality....

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999 Emergency

999 Emergency...

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Censorship: Desert Island Disclosures

censorship has been operating under spectacular circumstances. There is no point pretending that censorship in the 21st century is over...

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