Author: Luc Floreani

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Blake / St. Mungo’s Broadway : Interview

Homelessness can affect anybody and everybody. Homelessness is not a class or economic problem. It’s a social and support problem....

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James Narh (XXL Streetdance) : Interview

Street dance has to sit within contemporary culture to stand the test of time, and not end up as a fad that disappears after a session or two....

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Semmy Levit : My Secret Dressing Room [Interview]

Our research showed that women buy clothes, but wear them very few times. The more expensive and sensational the purchase, the less likely they were to wear it again...

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Since Zero Dark Thirty (Martin Delaney)

People like me are just the manifestation of an over-active mind, not cut out for the hard work of the real world! ...

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Maria Kempinska, Jongleurs : Interview

Can a woman be beautiful and funny? I have heard many intelligent men say no, but I totally disagree. But the road to comedy fame is decidedly harder....

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Business Interview : Colin Leslie Eyewear

People need to appreciate that we are all responsible for our environment. If we wish to maintain certain standards and ways of living, we need to....

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Sarah Cressall (The Creation Station) [Interview]

The process of taking risks, trying new ideas, exploring new avenues and just asking the ‘what if ?’ and ‘I wonder how’ questions, is what makes us human...

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David Apparicio (Chrysalis Foundation) :Interview

Our current UK criminal justice system is a broken business model with a resultant 75% failure rate. This failure rate would not be tolerated in any other industry/business. ...

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