Author: Kiarnie Collins

Maser Lazar: Orbiting on the Periphery (Maser at Lazarides)

Swapping the street art of Dublin for Fitzrovia's Lazarides Gallery, Maser comes in from the cold...

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The Last Man on the Moon

Gene Kernan was the last man on the moon. This is his epic but deeply personal story of fulfillment, love and loss....

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Seductive Storytelling, Metaphor and Myth (Shifter at Soho Theatre)

Layered fables, haunting modern myth and Afro-Caribbean folk tales in Crick Crack Club's Soho Theatre session...

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Cruising the Beachbreaks of Notting Hill (Kita Alexander)

Far from the Gold Coast, Kita Alexander brings Aussie surf pop to London's Notting Hill Arts Club. Review...

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Of Short Cinema and Semiotics: PoetryFilm

PoetryFilm: image, text and sound techniques in very experimental forms...

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Tick, Tock, The Biological Clock. Torshlusspanik at Vitrine (Charlie Godet Thomas)

Objects which are normally solid seem malleable and aging in Charlie Godet Thomas' current exhibition...

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No bad religions, only bad apples: Echoes (Henry Naylor)

One very socially relevant idea prevails: religion not as the cause of evil, but as the facilitator for evil people to do evil things....

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