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Anne Pigalle Presents Madame Sex

Anne Pigalle, the last Chanteuse, returns to old Soho with a series of live performances.

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]A[/dropcap] chanteuse de charme, beloved of the boudoir, Anne Pigalle brings Madame Sex back to Soho.

More Fun and more Cabaret Erotique….

Madame Sex is quite well known in Soho, she lived there many years and many years ago.A picture of Anne Pigalle

Madame Sex is the new release art CD from Anne Pigalle. Anne Pigalle, the last Chanteuse, is taking over old Soho with a series of live performances. She was the first musical act to perfom at Madame Jojo’s way back when, and also revamped the Café de Paris when the Café was still a thé de dance venue.

Anne came up with a proposal that the manager could not refuse and he let her have the place. The rest is history : Les Nuits du Mercredi at the Café de Paris in London are legendary for a certain generation as the most fun nights ever in London. Now Anne Pigalle comes back to her roots: the first evening will be on October 3rd at Jazz After Dark (a venue known for hosting Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse), 9 Greek Street Soho W1 – from 9pm to 1.30am.

The madame Sex Art CD, is a home made CD (or perhaps made in a hotel somewhere) combining new songs and a selection of erotic poetry. Each CD is handpainted individually as a protest against the generic world of music and art where everything is mediocre, fake and unsexy.

Well, according to Madame Sex, and she knows.

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