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Choose Your Ally Carefully. Why Trust the CIA?

Just because the CIA is saying what we want to hear doesn’t make them credible

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y newsfeed has become the dayroom of a lunatic asylum for paranoia-plangent Hillaryites and Democratic partisans.

Flustered by events and revelations, they assert that Putin used hypnotic messages, sent by means of microwave transmissions, into the fillings of rust belt state voters, thus inducing them to shuffle to the polls and vote for Trump.

In all seriousness, Democrats: Can you cite where and when the clutch of spooks, professional liars and agents of subterfuge and subversion by trade known as the Central Intelligence Agency, have made an honest declaration in regard to the Russian Federation and the USSR during the course of the Cold War?

I’ll save you the time; they haven’t. It is not the function of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Their institutional mission and attendant modus operandum is to expand the power and influence of the US empire. In short, they are government operatives who deploy the tactics of war, and as the cliche goes, “the first casualty of war is truth.”

Moreover, part of the well-documented modus operandum of the CIA is to manufacture false news stories and campaigns of disinformation.Illustration by Dan Booth 7

Bluntly stated, we are being played. How does it feel to be playing the part of Twenty-First Century McCarthyite soreheads and John Birch Society bughouse-worthy nut-nuggets?

A question remains: Why would the US Central Intelligence Agency be attempting to undermine Trump by a campaign linking him to shifty Vlad The Election Impaler? My best guess: Deep State spooks are convinced that their go-to gal, thwarted Empress-In-Waiting Madame Clinton, would have served their agendae with greater felicity then the aforementioned Orange-hued, unknown variable.

There does exist reason for trepidation. Human history, written in the blood of the innocent and reeking with the stench of mountains of corpses, should give you pause. By swallowing whole the lies disseminated by the mendacious leaders of expansive, militarist empires, you risk shambling into a fool’s parade: the emotionally inflamed folly and attendant lockstep march that leads to history’s keening deathscapes when ruthless leaders arouse the passions of the citizenry by the invention of threats poised by phantom enemies.

Illustration by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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