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‘We Can Make You Blind’ The Adventures of Cambridge Analytica

Do you worry that people never tell you straight and only want to manipulate you? Well you should! Welcome to Cambridge Analytica....

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Hypernormalisation & Modern Propaganda

Agents of truth and manipulation fight for posession of our soles Adam Curtis can help us understand the battlefield ...

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Sympathy/Empathy: The Very Air That Evil Breathes.

Manipulating the reader's revulsion at the bias of a clumsy attack is now an established technique of political propaganda ...

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Choose Your Ally Carefully. Why Trust the CIA?

Just because the CIA is saying what we want to hear doesn't make them credible...

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I Lied, Said Wartime Propaganda

A Game in Hell. The Great War in Russia, an exhibition held at The Gallery of Russian Arts and Design in London provides insight into the silent period of forsaken Russian achievements during The...

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