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Where’s Maggie?

Never stop looking, never stop looking… for Maggie. Trebuchet visits Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

Margaret Thatcher Funeral

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]T[/dropcap]rebuchet photographer Carl Batson spent most of yesterday morning tramping the streets of London in search of the last earthly remains of the Baroness of Kesteven.

Join us in a game of Where’s Maggie?

Margaret Thatcher FuneralNot up there…

Margaret Thatcher FuneralNot around there mate.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralHis Costa cappuccino has had it’s milk stolen! She must be nearby….

Margaret Thatcher Funeral I’m sorry ma’am, but that’s a library card. And it’s out of date.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralMaggie’s not up there….

Margaret Thatcher FuneralYour dad hasn’t seen her either.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralThey don’t know where Maggie is. (But they do know where all the pies have gone)

Margaret Thatcher FuneralThis bloke knows where she is. He even got some of her hair.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralThis bloke got the rest of it.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralYeah, you might have the keys to hell now mate (ex-council), but you’d better brace yourself for a hostile takeover.

Margaret Thatcher FuneralWhat happens when schools can’t aford afford To Pay For Support TEACHERS.

All photos Carl Byron Batson


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