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Wave Them Around Like You Just Don’t Care: Gesture-based commands for iTunes/Spotify

Flutter- Controlling your music through hand gestures.

An intuitive leap from www.flutter.io, bringing the wireless functionality of the XBox Kinect to the home computer. In this case, using the webcam found in most computer systems to control the volume or playback of iTunes or Spotify.

The application replaces the need to physically touch a keypad or mouse to access playback controls, instead tracking the user's movements to apply the commands.

Certainly beats rummaging under the cushions in search of the remote control. 

Why did we build this?

We hated using the keyboard and mouse for controlling music in the background or watching movies on our computers from a few feet away. So we decided to solve this problem by using hand gestures to control music and videos via the built-in webcam in your computer.


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