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Voudoun and the Book of The Law

Sloppy thinking and lack of spiritual purpose has allowed agents of discord to invade our shared idea space


[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]’Nothing[/dropcap] is wrong, merely incomplete’ – M. Bertiaux

On the occasion of the one hundred and thirteenth anniversary of the transmission of Liber Al Vegis to Aleister Crowley we hear the sounds of much wailing and moaning from those who have just discovered the demonic presences in our midst.

‘Oh!’ they cry. ‘Where is the vague utopia we fondly imagined would spring into existence if we chatted about it from time to time? Or ‘We have worshipped at the feet of democracy, but now realise that it includes both the elderly and social misfits who do not share our vision.’

The problem with all agreed points of reference for the moderns is that they exclude the existence of our ancient companions: lust, greed, envy, anger, pride, sloth and gluttony. Turning a blind eye to the seven deadly sins will not make them go away. In fact the reverse is true. Their servitors have fed hearty in the shadows and their imagined absence has made politically correct discourse a laughing stock amongst those of a practical nature.

The proponents of fair mindedness are now confronted by a ‘Brexit’, a ‘Trump’, a ‘Corbyn’, ‘ false news’ and a militant, focused attempt to remove years of accreted European cultural practique by students of the Koran.

Other chimeras are available wearing a variety of masks. Sloppy thinking and lack of spiritual purpose has allowed these agents of discord to invade our shared idea space.

Even worse, the tiny digital devices which were initially advertised as easy gateways to the fabled utopia turn out only to be instruments of self-absorption, slavery and dangerous obsession.  The Ancient Greeks dealt with these matters precisely in their myth stories concerning the doomed love affair between Narcissus and Echo.

But help is at hand from an unlikely source.

The most radical and daring practitioner of Voudoun in the magical universe, Michael P. Bertiaux, has recently seen fit to publish his magnum opus:  Michael BertiauxOntological Graffiti.

Through a precise recording and analysis of séances conducted in the Chicago area between 1966 and 1981, accompanied by stunning astral coloured paintings of the Hoodoo Spirits contacted during this period, Monsieur Bertiaux and his Absolute Science team outline a system for not only dealing with unseen demons but also ‘capturing’ them and placing them in a unified magical field where their very presence can enhance the vitality of our life and work

How does this relate to the Book of The Law?

Liber Al Vegis has had a significant impact on the science of Voudoun at all levels since its publication.  The Grimoire does in fact exhort the student to learn of the Obeah, which is at the root of all African-Atlantean teachings. Armed with this knowledge the untameable Bertiaux claims not only to have made direct contact with Aiwass, the intelligence who spoke through Crowley in 1904, but also to have captured the spirit of Marie Von Crowley the mage’s 5th wife and put her to gainful employment on the quiet shores and woodlands of Lake Wisconsin.

Clearly this is a man who knows how to deal firmly but fairly with spirits of all types!

‘The Law is for all’ Liber Al Vegis
You may consider the utopian ideal rather dull; a stunted growth system without adventure or risk, but from a magical perspective we exist in an equal opportunity universe. If those who have suddenly been awakened from a delusional sleep wish to realise their dream of a ‘better place’, then they must throw off the shackles of conventional thought and set to work.

The international Wiccan community has recently mobilised to cast a binding spell on Donald Trump, but the internet-based nature of the action has attracted an equal response from the Christian community. A prayer war in cyber space will most likely result in a no-score draw which may yet create further opportunities for the operation of forces inimical to the life wave.

Wiccans, Thelemites and anyone else interested in shaping the future would do well to heed the wise words of M. Bertiaux, who is an experienced and reliable guide in these matters. His advice is to move

In silence
With unseen companions
Who may take as much as they give
‘Love is the Law. Love under will’ Liber Al Vegis


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