UK Museum Halts Plague Ridden Expedition to Paraguay

The benefits of civilisation reach into forest…

Following protests an expedition by London’s natural history museum has been halted while an impact assessment is made to determine how the local population will be affected.

Campaigners argue that the expedition will likely meet the indigenous Ayoreo tribe who run the risk of dying from contact with Westerners due to not having developed immunity to various diseases carried by researchers.

The tribe, with an estimated population of around 150, have made it known that with what little contact they have made with local farmers, that they do not wish to be disturbed.

Ironically, the museum wants states that the expedition aims to “record the rich biodiversity of the Dry Chaco region which is important to the future management of the fragile ecosystem” which in turn will allow the Ayoreo to continue living undisturbed in the face of continued argicultural expansion in the area.


I think it’s important these tribes have no contact with this presenter, unless they plan to eat her.


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