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Two Faces, One Evil: The Bi-Party Sham of US Democracy

Clinton, Trump, Putin – Put any one of them in the White House, the rich still get richer

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]R[/dropcap]egardless of the (illusory) abyss that separates them, the desperate fantasies of rightwing populists as well as those of more liberal Americans are but a thin veneer over the fact that both are true believers in the redeemable nature of capitalism, and, in general, of the “indispensable” quality of the US as a nation.

In essence, both confederacies of the deluded believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the profiteers of the police/militarist/national security/prison industrial imperium known as the United States Of America — will cede to the will of the governed.

Why is the US unsalvageable? Because, under its state religion, capitalism, the accumulation of the economic system’s namesake —  capital — creates a disastrous inequity of cultural influence, societal pressures, coercion, and governmental control. In short, any reform will be met, sooner rather than later, with a vast counter reaction by moneyed interests and thus will be watered down to such a degree as to prove ineffective, or will be replaced with reactionary measures that further increase the power and influence of the already privileged classes.

The incoming Reality Television Tool-In-Chief’s, “Make America Great Again” slogan was an empty sales pitch… just like Obama’s “Hope And Change” con job was eight years ago. The same goes for Hillary’s “Strong Together” hokum. Did you expect anything less from candidates belched forth from the capitalist order?Mincer Small by Dan Booth

Sorry to break the news to you, regardless of your convenient amnesia regarding the past eight years. It was the arrogance and ineptitude of the Liberal Class, their services in protecting the capitalist order, which created the opening for Trump. Therefore, I have no inclination, dear liberals, to hear that we together might create a united front against Trump’s coming transgressions.

Why? Leftists are aware of the fact that liberals are not our allies in struggle. They are not the allies of anyone or anything but their fellow capitalist vampires – and, in the end, will never risk a even a fraction of their own privilege in the struggle against the deprivations inflicted by the capitalist order upon the poor, minorities, and the working class.

As was the case under Bush/Cheney, liberals’ only objective in making alliances with leftists was to reinstall the Democratic Party into power, and thereby, reconstruct their collective comfort zone (which, the ascendancy of Trump has reduced to splinters and smoking debris).

Finally, dearest liberals, because of the Democrats’ reversal of political fortune, you believe we on the left should simply forget the condescension, marginalisation, and general abuse we have taken from you liberals over the years and simply say bygones, for the purpose of forming a united front against Trump.

Do you truly believe you deserve to get off that easily, considering the fact that your denial, hypocrisy, and corruption is the reason for Trump’s rise?

Perhaps (although I can only speak for myself) if you took personal inventory, expressed remorse, and were willing to make amends (e.g., renounce and work toward the destruction of the Democratic Party) then I’ll be open to an alliance with you.

Until then, don’t come around. I don’t want to see your face. Either of them.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced witbout express prior permission.


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