Tory Scum and Proud

Tory Scum and Proud: The Show You Won’t See on Channel 5

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[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]H[/dropcap]ow on earth did anyone fall for so-called Austerity?

Is it not obvious that this is part of the on-going agenda of the Tory led Coalition (the political wing of the ruling class) to redistribute income and wealth from the working class to their own class?

Of course a government can only get away with economic attacks on the poorest members of society when those are combined with ideological attacks to attempt to get the public onside.

The channel best known for its lowest common denominator tackiness, Channel 5, is headed by right-wing Express Newspapers owner Richard Desmond, whose fortune was estimated to be £950 million in 2011.

Channel 5 recently excelled itself with “On Benefits and Proud” and “Shoplifters and Proud”, suggesting that those people with approximately £950 million less to their name than Mr Desmond were a bunch of irresponsible, layabout criminals.

[quote] We present, in the style of Channel 5,

the show they will never broadcast:

“Tory Scum and Proud” [/quote]

They could have referred to the numerous examples of people who have taken their own lives after their benefits have been cut or after Atos assessments which would lead to them being taken off disability benefits.  They could have referred to the fact that food banks in the UK are now in crisis due to the overwhelming demand from impoverished families. They could have referred to medical concerns that children are now getting diseases such as rickets due to malnutrition linked with poverty – diseases which were thought to have died out (don’t the Tories love Victorian values).

But they chose not to.  That wouldn’t fit in with their agenda of blaming the poor for their predicament. Nor would it assist with advancing the old Victorian idea of dividing those at the bottom of the pile into the “deserving poor” and the “undeserving poor”.  Nor would it assist with the Coalition’s aim that those in low paid jobs should resent those with even less.

Divide and rule, my friend – the old tactics are the best.  While the working classes are blaming each other, they won’t notice the bankers and media moguls taking everything.

So today I would like to present for your delectation, in the style of Channel 5, the show that they will never broadcast: “Tory Scum and Proud”.

David Cameron official photo

David and his family live in a VERY BIG HOUSE that is PAID FOR BY YOU.  Yes, while many thousands of people are crammed into overcrowded houses and flats, he has no such concerns.  His house, which is in an EXCLUSIVE CENTRAL LONDON location, has a number of SPARE BEDROOMS PAID FOR BY YOU.

He was educated at Eton College, a school which is able to claim charitable status and so can claim an 80% reduction in business rates.  So his education was SUBSIDISED BY TAX PAYERS LIKE YOU.

While at that school, he was caught SMOKING CANNABIS but was neither expelled nor prosecuted – DRUG TAKING CRIMINAL.

At Oxford University he joined the infamous Bullingdon Club, a drinking society with a reputation for bad behaviour – BINGE DRINKING YOB, GIVE HIM AN ASBO.


He associates with bankers and royalty – ANTI-SOCIAL ELEMENTS.

He is not ashamed of being a rich, privileged right-winger – TORY SCUM AND PROUD.


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3 Replies to “Tory Scum and Proud”

  1. Jamie says:

    You seem bitter.

  2. Sarah CB says:

    I’m not at all bitter. It’s actually a satirical piece to demonstrate the media hypocrisy that condemns those who have had very little opportunity in life while condoning anti-social behaviour by those who have had every advantage.

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