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Tomahawk to release 3xLP!

The revered experimental alternative-rock supergroup Tomahawk will be releasing a very special and luxurious 3xLP retrospective entitled Eponymous to Anonymous exclusively for Record Store Day 2012.

tomahawk 2012

The 3xLP compilation will be limited to 5000 copies worldwide and marks the first time that these albums will be available on vinyl. What's more, in the packaging, there will be space for a fourth vinyl, alluding to a brand new Tomahawk album that is expected in the summer.

Tomahawk formed in 2000 when Fantômas, ex-Mr. Bungle and Faith No More singer/keyboardist Mike Patton and ex-The Jesus Lizard guitar player Duane Denison started swapping tapes with the intention of collaborating. Duane Denison then recruited ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier (currently playing with Battles), while Mike Patton brought Melvins/Cows bass player Kevin Rutmanis into the fold. Three phenominal recordings came from this formation. Kevin left the band in 2007, taking his place is Trevor Dunn, ex-Mr. Bungle, Fantomas player.  

Stay tuned for more news regarding Tomahawk real soon…


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