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Sweat Little Rock And Roller – Lauran Hibberd Gets Islington Steamy

She's a bobby socked stomping indie-slacker guitar thumper who's going to grind and slide all over 2020...

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Hot Tea Prevents Glaucoma

Drinking hot tea every day linked to lower glaucoma risk ...

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A Proper Brew: Lose Weight With Black Tea Too!

New UCLA study shows that polyphenols in black tea can alter gut bacteria...

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Brainbeans! Caffeine Could Help Diminish Dementia

Caffeine boosts enzyme that could protect against dementia...

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Green and Clean: The Power of Tea

Engineering team finds compound may halt molecular cause of often-fatal condition...

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One Lump or Two? How Sugar Makes Caffeine Clump

New insights into the way in which caffeine, sugar and water interact at the molecular level to affect the taste of hot beverages....

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