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Tate Modern screens Shirin Neshat’s 1999 film ‘Soliloquy’

A rarely seen video work by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat is revived from the Tate's collection, and will be free to view (when the museum reopens) until the beginning of February...

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Pioneering Kinetic Artist Takis Has Died at 93

Greece’s culture minister Lina Mendoni said: “For more than 70 years, Takis was a pioneer, an artist whose childish curiosity of the forces of the universe never ended.”...

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Kara Walker To Take Over Turbine Hall This Autumn

The African-American artist, known for examining issues around race relations in the US, will create the next Hyundai Commission....

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Tate Outsourcing Artist Biographies to Wikipedia

A spokeswoman states the gallery does “not have the resources to create biographies for every individual” in its collection, or to update biographies for living artists....

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One Two Three Swing! Superflex at Tate Modern

It's Swing Time! Globalisation, mobilisation and empowerment at Tate Modern...

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Alberto Giacometti at Tate Modern

An extensive retrospective at Tate Modern sees Alberto Giacometti's works embodying human anxieties and alienation...

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Saloua Raouda Choucair : Tate Modern

It is her unique position as an outsider that has allowed the structures to develop - rather than the over-stipulation of an omnipotent artist...

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Loitered Lens : Roy Lichtenstein

Arty photos of artworks by an artist making art about art....

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