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Loitered Lens: Hayseed Dixie

Photos of Hayseed Dixie stomping the Garage in a wide-ranging and perfectly executed swamp-a-billy nature...

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Easy on the whiskey now! Cockadoodledon’t (Vinyl re-release)

Listening to Th' Legendary Shack Shakers feels like swillin' liquor in a Kentucky barn which, if you're very lucky, you aren't sharing with the hogs....

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Foot-stomping hip-swivelling rockabilly country-blues (Tav Falco)

This crowd love Falco and Falco loves them back. He poses and postures, treats the audience to some fancy tango moves, and writhes on his back as if possessed. Tav Falco live. ...

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June Gigs, London [Thunder on the Left]

Makes you want to jump behind the wheel of the Mustang and hit the road on a prolonged killing spree. ...

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