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The Weight of Canon

Canon, Fandom and Creative Paralysis. Much of the media we consume today, especially genre media, takes the form of such franchises. Art might be no different? ...

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LEGO Launch Andy Warhol Pop Art Set

A new LEGO® ART set allow adults to recreate Andy Warhol's 1967 print of Marilyn Monroe or reimagine it in three different colours....

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Nerdcore: Next Level Hip-Hop?

Trebuchet explores the Nerdcore Hip-Hop movement, its relationship with modern culture and music, and the issues with rigid genre categorization with help from Mega Ran, Sammus and Ben Knight....

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Star Wars and the Escapism of the Mindless

What will a future Democratic president's agenda will entail? Hint: Take note of which Republican declarations Democratic partisans are fuming in self-righteous outrage against now....

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