The Ideal Height for Altitude Training

These findings suggest that there's a defined window for altitude living—between 2000 and 2500 meters—that can improve sea level performance in competitive runners....

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Shake it or lob it? The Caxirola

For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, organizers have introduced the maraca-like caxirola as the official instrument of the event. ...

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So Buff. Hypermasculinity and Sports Mags

'Male athletes are rarely, if ever, depicted in sexualized, submissive, objectifying or non-athletic positions in sports magazines.' Until now....

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Small, Medium or LRG

Ten roller girls, one oval track, a load of gum shields and a desire to do damage. Turning up at Earls Court I still had Rollerball in my head… I expected to see James Caan covered in blood,...

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