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Inside Our Nostalgia: Eleanor May Watson

A review of Eleanor May Watson’s exhibition Curtains Drawn at Wilder Gallery...

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Existence, Absence. A Tao of Time

Often, we know of the existence of freedom only by its absence....

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Dear Lord, Please Fix the Property Prices: Praying More Makes Older People Happier

Older people who feel close to God have well-being that grows with frequent prayer ...

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We Don’t Need New Politics, We Need New Gods

What deities should be placed before the God of Money?...

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Everything is nothing but mind: Interview with Jah Wobble

Iconic bassist and composer Jah Wobble talks music, spirituality and politics...

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Dining out on Legba’s Feast (Vodun, The Lexington)

More than soulful, Vodun are spiritual. The heavy psych trio shift paradigms at the Lexington...

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The Tribes of Britain

To be an activist is to suffer defeat after defeat after defeat. Without spirituality to recharge and revive us the danger is we fall into bitterness or despair or worse, self-righteousness. ...

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Spirituality? More than 20% of atheist scientists are.

Scientists think spirituality is congruent with scientific discovery, religion is not....

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