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Slithering Through Self-Discovery with Leon Vynehall

A herpetological review of the Leon Vynehall's 2021 Ninja Tune Release 'Rare, Forever' ...

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Invasive Snakes Hitchhiking With US Military

A research team has been studying why a type of cat-eyed snake has been so effective at devastating native bird populations on the island of Guam....

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Did You Know When Aussie Brown Snakes are even MORE Venomous?

Discovering the key to what makes the Eastern Brown Snake's venom even more potent...

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Opossum in your Snakebite, Sir?

The antivenom would probably work against venoms from poisonous snakes, as well as against scorpion, plant and bacterial toxins...

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Flying Snakes, Flying

The snake's body works like an aerofoil to generate lift forces to keep it airborne...

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