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Greek Charity Compilation Launches in Aid of Refugee Camp

UNITY, a unique, genre-transcending compilation, features no less than 160 songs from 160 Greek artists, including Greek titans Rotting Christ, 1000mods, and Planet of Zeus....

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Is God Dead? Ben Caplan Takes Stock

The sense of historical evolution removes from us a responsibility of safeguarding the hard-won victories of the last 100 years... interview with Hirsute folksinging historian Ben Caplan ...

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Paris Pop-up Theatre To Be Run By Refugees

The theatre will be run by an ensemble called La Troupe, consisting of eight core members and other participants, all of whom are refugees....

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Krisis, Contribution, Conversation: Talking Photography (Interview with John Clang and Sama Alshaibi)

Art - asking the early and meaningful questions society is not ready to address...

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The Other One Percent. What Refugees Really Cost

The fiscal impact of refugees in Sweden ...

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