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Sane People, Talking to Puppets?

The Flying Buttresses have brought their puppet characters Hodman and Sally to events across the globe, proving that their bewildered wonder is universally engaging. ...

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Our job, as puppeteers, is to disappear: Frolicked Outdoor Puppet Theatre

Puppetry has a quality that allows us, as puppeteers, to get very close to people...

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‘I’m sure she knew she was talking to a puppet’: The Flying Buttresses

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”T/dropcaprebuchet applies its right to invoke Henson’s Law. (Henson’s Law: Even the world’s best CGI will look dated in a...

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Anyone for Fish Pie? [Theatre Interview]

'I don’t think that making fun, silly or childish stories means that there’s any less significance to the work'...

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