Sankara: Guided By Degrees

At an LP-length forty minutes it's a record that doesn't outstay it's welcome, and there's no room for much in the way of filler. ...

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The Heather Findlay Band: Songs from the Old Kitchen

It's a very different sound from their dynamic electric live shows, but great as Heather Findlay can be in full rock mode, the acoustic sound is a very good match for the natural warmth of her voice....

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Devil Sold His Soul [Live]

Then, coming to the end of a great set, disaster strikes. “This is our last song”, announces Ed. We’re treated to the opening guitar line of what I suspect was ‘Darkness Prevails’, before...

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Mostly Autumn: Ghost Moon Orchestra

The Ghost Moon Orchestra is either the ninth or tenth studio album from York rock band Mostly Autumn, depending on how you count them, and the second since Olivia Sparnenn replaced the much-loved...

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The sound of us not dismissing anyone’s ideas (Islet)

Islet's stunning debut album, on which 'Guitar figures drone in and drown out vocal lines, cymbal-heavy rhythms pile in and utterly demolish all that is in the rest of the sound-picture, discordant...

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Islet: Illuminated People

Islet's Illumiminated People is awash with the self-indulgence of a band who have little to fear from the ignominy of failure. That's the official line at any rate. Famous now for not being...

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