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The Empowered Salon of the Queer

A review of imagery and technique at Guts Gallery’s Salon...

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The Surrealist Practice of Twenty-First Century Populism

‘Surreal’ is a word that many increasingly reach for, a (hopelessly inadequate) description for the daily cavalcade of cataclysmic and bizarre events we’re confronted by....

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Scars and revelations

Ron Athey: Personal explorations and public displays...

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Hypernormalisation & Modern Propaganda

Agents of truth and manipulation fight for posession of our soles Adam Curtis can help us understand the battlefield ...

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Chimerica: Is Ai Wei Wei an Enemy of the State?

The Symbiosis of China & America ...

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Glycine: Cheap, Readily Available Energy. But From Where?

Researchers generate electricity from low-cost biomaterial ...

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Better Ways to Harness Wind Power

It's a breeze: How to harness the power of the wind ...

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Check Your Privilege

It’s become a ubiquitous phrase – Check Your Privilege – one that may both encourage and stifle debate, but what is privilege and how does it change?...

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