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Nick, Find a Cave and Hide Your Face

What could Po$$ibly make a $eemingly $en$itive arti$t $uch a$ Nick Cave Play I$rael?

[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]F[/dropcap]reedom fighters seem to spring up from the most unlikely of places. Unlikely that is, unless you adhere to the old journalist’s maxim and follow the money.

Or shekel, to be precise.

Nick Cave says he will ‘make a stand’ against artists boycotting Israel: the Australian artist said people were trying to ‘bully’ musicians out of performing”

Nick, you should find a dark, dank Cave and hide your gaunt face in shame. You have, in essence, defended playing and accepting the blood money of Apartheid-lousy Sun City, South Africa, or doing a benefit concert for the White Citizen’s Counsel of the Jim Crow era US south. In stark contrast, Tony Bennet, Bob Dylan et. al. played, during the Civil Rights Era, for activists who risked their lives in the Klan-ruled regions of the deep south. An Illustration by Dan Booth

If you, Nick Cave, had any semblance of dignity, the only place that you would perform within Israel would be in the contemporary Warsaw Ghetto known as Gaza.

Evil exists due to the wilful ignorance and wilful obtuseness of its enablers. As long as the world, and that includes its artists and performers, provide support and comfort to the extant evil that is Zionist-style Apartheid (which Archbishop Desmond Tutu has declared is worst than the South African variety he took a stand against) then said evil will continue to thrive and expand, as has been the case with the colonialist/settler state of Israel since its inception by Western colonialist forces. A wicked system needs to be boycotted and shunned. Starved of body because it possesses no soul.

Nick Cave, your militant ignorance provides cover for the barbary at the bigoted core of the Zionist Project. Performing your art within the inherently immoral precincts of the state of Israel constitutes a de facto endorsement of its oppressive policies e.g., its institutional practices of ethnic cleansing. It does not get much lower than that Mr. Cave.

Image by Dan Booth. Not to be reproduced without express prior permission.


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