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It Sent Shivers Down My Neurons

How is it that a sound can send a chill down your spine? By observing individual brain cells of mice, scientists are understanding how sound incites fear....

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Pain Can Be A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

New brain imaging research shows that when we expect something to hurt, it does, even if the stimulus isn't so painful....

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Putting the Mind in Touch with Reality

Research finds that the possible origins of tactile fact-checking, in everyday life or in compulsive disorders, comes from the specific kind of reassurance that touch gives....

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The Neurobiology of Social Aggression

Research shows signalling mechanism in the brain shapes social behaviour, with implications for understanding social hierarchy, bullying and aggression. ...

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Scientists Develop A Way To See Brain Cells Talk

Scientists have developed a way to see brain cells talk: to actually see neurons communicate in bright, vivid colour. ...

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We’re Not In Kansas Any More, Toto

Sleep is known to allow animals to re-energise and consolidate memories. Now, scientists have identified a pair of genes that regulate how much REM and non-REM sleep an animal experiences. ...

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Escaping Fear: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Brain Science have discovered a circuit in the brain that is necessary for unlearning fear....

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Want To Learn Faster? Get Chomping Happy Pills

A new computational model reveals that serotonin, one of the most widespread chemicals in the brain, can speed up learning. ...

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