Tag: nanotechnology

Scientists Turn Ancient Egyptian Pigment Into Vital New Biomedical Tool

The pigment behaves as a fluorophore, a light-emitting material used to stain samples so they can be seen at clearer resolution under modern microscopes....

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Run: Future AI’s Bugging Out

Scientists are developing bio-inspired artificial compound eyes to give sight to autonomous vehicles and robots, among other applications. ...

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Good Boy: Fido Comes to the Rescue

ETH Zurich scientists have developed the smallest ever equipment for detecting people by smell, which could be used to create electronic rescue dogs....

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Sculpting Noise for Better Electronics

Creative use of noise brings bio-inspired electronic improvement ...

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But How Do You Get the Lid Off? Mesoglue Revolutionises Nano-Stickiness

A glue that binds metal to metal to glass to you-name-it, sets at room temperature, and requires little pressure to seal...

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Magnetic Nanoparticles

New research in The FASEB Journal suggests that with magnetic guidance, specially designed magnetic nanoparticles can help deliver genes to injured arteries, using stents as the delivery platform...

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