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Sons of a Galactic Wasteland

Sons Of Alpha Centauri get a little space-y with latest instrumental release 'Continuum' - but is it cool, Sci-Fi space or just the dark bits in between?...

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Making music: a Taxing process?

Blues and Rock-influenced unit Tax The Heat drop in to discuss new album 'Change Your Position'...

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The Hat Man and The Korg

Saturday night music at the Lansdowne pub in Lewes, church of the unchurched, and my (low) expectations are scattered to the four winds by the performance of Robert Lashmar AKA Rhythmic/AKA The Hat...

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Dead Reflections, Live Context (Silverstein Interview)

A cosy chat with Silverstein singer Shane Told...

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Have You Hugged a Musician Today?

Kanye doesn't like things near his bum, but otherwise, musicians need love. An essay on how to be a good fan....

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Make Better Music 79: The Art of Remixing (Part One)

A luxurious wonderland of musical mystery and adventure that both complements and embellishes...

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