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Amon Tobin’s Two Finger Step Out With Nomark

An interview with electronic pioneer Amon Tobin on his venture away from seminal label Ninja Tune to stand by his own beats. ...

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SuperBrand to SuperFan

dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”T/dropcaphe entertainment industry is a sprawling animal of celebrity, sober lust and enthusiastic deceit. ***rescheduled to oct 7th***...

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Can Analytics Drive Creativity?

For some this questions appears to be the unholy marketing spawn of a top floor baking table. For others, knowledge and data have always facilitated the creative market. ...

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Top Ten Rappers Who Produce

The rap game is hard to break into. Ask any "lyricist" trying to make it in the music business today - it's much harder to be successful as a rapper than it was 20 years ago. ...

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Music in the Age of No-Effort

‘97,751 albums released in a year’, Jeremy Schlosberg examines the implications of music market gluttony. I was talking to a music industry acquaintance on the phone not long ago and he...

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