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Walking into Modernity

Specially commissioned works and historical pieces come together at Saudi Arabia's Ithra Museum. ...

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Cultured and Combined: Gilbert & George on Identity

Individuals have multiple identities and not all of them are self-ascribed; even the same identity can have differing social characteristics...

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When It Disappears, the Energy Is Left

This meticulous first monograph on Adrián Villar Rojas notes an artist who has created some of the most memorable, unusual pieces in the past two decades....

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Elizabeth Eade First Major Solo Show

In I know you are but what am I, HIX Award winner Eade explores her attitude towards a range of social and political issues....

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Cyril de Commarque Interview

Cyril de Commarque is an artist concerned with human development, hubris and potential, sharing his thoughts here with Trebuchet in lieu of his show 'Artificialis' at Saatchi Gallery....

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The Platform Graduate Award 2019

The Platform Graduate Award is showing the work of talented emerging artists throughout November at the MK Gallery. ...

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Emii Alrai Presents Tutelaries in London Solo Debut

A new installation of sculptures echo ancient tombs and their spiritual presence to express the concept of safety usually associated with a sacred location.  ...

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Ed Kienholz’ Early Work

Ed Kienholz, Leda and the Canadian Honker, mixed media assemblage, 1957 dropcap style=”font-size:100px;color:#992211;E/dropcapd Kienholz is an assemblage artist, an installation  artist, and a...

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