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Lone Star State Of Mind – Peeking Behind The Curtain With Jarrod Dickenson

There are certainly things to be avoided in Nashville as far as I’m concerned. But to me that’s a different business altogether and it’s a different thing, it’s really the entertainment...

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Culling Yet More ‘Savages’: North Korea in Context

If you wish to inflict genocide on a people, it's OK as long as you term them 'savages'...

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Attack, Retaliate, Attack. When Will it End?

If their designs work out as planned, the elite will, as they always have, enrich their already engorged fortunes on the suffering and death of the powerless....

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John Noveske’s Link to Drugs and School Shootings

This is the last post John Noveske made on his Facebook page before his death:...

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Gun Control? Lock and Load

Col Jon Burrows returns. Trebuchet's man in the States defends his right to bear arms....

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