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The Anthropocene Era: Setting it in Stone

Rocks that tell our industrial history ...

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One We Haven’t Ruined Yet: Geologists Find Lost Continent

Researchers confirm the existence of a 'lost continent' under Mauritius ...

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Street Art Goes Rural: Swiss Erosion Grafitti

Determining erosion rates via painting...

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Life: Crawling Along for 3.2 Billion Years.

Life took hold on land 300 million years earlier than thought ...

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Ancient Eruptions in an Unusual Martian Region

Unusual Martian region leaves clues to the planet's past...

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Fire and Bristone. Delving the Earth’s Sulphur Core

For millennia, tales have been told of the underworld being awash with fire and brimstone. Now at least, we can be sure of the brimstone. ...

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I Am Glacier, Hear Me Sing

Individual icequakes at the glacier base can exhibit harmonic properties....

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